• Star Clusters

    Science Release: Hubble spies Big Bang frontiers Photo Release: Hubble’s planetary portrait captures changes in Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Science Release: Mysterious Ripples Found Racing Through Planet-forming Disc Photo Release: Revisiting the Veil Nebula Science Release: Astronomers find galaxy cluster with bursting heart Photo Release: The wings of the butterfly Photo Release: Stormy seas in Sagittarius Photo Release: A galaxy in bloom Science Release: Hubble sees atmosphere being stripped from Neptune-sized exoplanet Photo Release: Hubble views a bizarre cosmic quartet
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  • Picture of the Week

    The last waltz

    The last waltz

    This curious galaxy — only known by the seemingly random jumble of letters and numbers 2MASX J16270254+4328340 — has been captured by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope dancing the crazed dance of a galactic merger. The galaxy has merged with another galaxy leaving a fine mist, made of millions of stars, spewing from it in long trails. Despite the apparent chaos, this snapshot of the gravitational tango was captured towards the event’s conclusion. This transforming galaxy is heading into old age with its star-forming days coming to an end. The true drama occurred earlier in the process, when the various…

  • Our Solar System

    Jupiter at a glance Jupiter at a glance Pluto’s moons The chaotic spin of Pluto’s moon Nix Plot of the rocking of Ganymede’s magnetic field Ganymede’s magnetic field Cutaway of the moon Ganymede Artist’s illustration of aurorae and Ganymede Hubble observation of aurorae on Ganymede Three moons and their shadows parade across Jupiter — end of event, annotated Three moons and their shadows parade across Jupiter — comparison of beginning and end of sequence, with annotations Three moons and their shadows parade across Jupiter — end of event